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With nearly a decade in the cleaning industry, Steam N Fresh offers quality state-of-the-art residential and commercial carpet cleaning to all our great Valley-Phoenix customers. Steam N Fresh provides the best carpet cleaning in Phoenix and surrounding Valley areas. As a family owned and operated professional steam cleaning service, we offer a wide selection of cleaning and preventative maintenance services including: Residential Carpet Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Carpet Repairs, Pet Stain & Odor Removal, Commercial Carpet Cleaning, and Auto, Boat, and RV Cleaning.

Steam N Fresh in Phoenix was built upon honestly and reliability. We are known as a reputable professional carpet cleaning provider in Phoenix, and the rest of the Valley with our personable, exceptional customer service. We only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, the highest quality workmanship comes to every job being an owner operated business, and we deliver extraordinary service. Call our office today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about any of our great services. Call for our Phoenix carpet cleaning coupons at (480) 360-4556 or you may email us at info@steamnfresh.com.

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Steam N Fresh - Carpet Cleaning

If you're looking for a professional residential or commercial carpet cleaner, Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning of Phoenix, provides a professional steam carpet cleaning service for their residential and commercial clients. You invest you hard earned money into beautiful carpets that add warmth and luster throughout your Phoenix home or office. Steam N Fresh always provides Honest, Upfront pricing on all services.

Steam N Fresh is a 5-star rated company, you can find our reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google+. Many great customers just like yourself have found us on these sites are they are very happy they did! We service all kinds of customers like realtors, property managers, local and chain restaurants, executive work spaces, and everything else in between. It would be our pleasure to service your home or office for all your carpet cleaning needs.
Read more details about our 3M Scotch Guard and 9-step service or carpet repair.

Residential Carpet Cleaner
Tile Cleaning Phoenix

Stone, Tile & Grout Service

If you're looking for a professional tile cleaning Phoenix service in your area. Steam N Fresh of Phoenix, provides professional tile & grout cleaning service for residential and commercial clients. We also extend our services outside of Phoenix.

For the Phoenix home owners that love to entertain, we understand accidents happen on your tiled floors when you have guests over. Elongate the life of your tile and grout by having it sealed with a heavy-duty tile and grout sealer. Grout is porous and can absorb food & drink stains along with bacteria, allergens, and VOCs. Having Steam N Fresh seal your grout and porous tiled surfaces makes them easier for you to maintain and doesn't allow the buildup of bacteria, allergens, VOCs, or stains. Typically, these sealers last 2-3 years depending on the foot traffic and soil conditions in your home.

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Upholstery Cleaning Service

Before buying another sofa or armchair just because it’s lost its luster over time, try having it cleaned. Steam N Fresh offers a professional upholstery cleaning service that can restore your favorite chair or couch and return the shine it once provided. Steam N Fresh provides superior upholstery cleaning services in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

All our cleaning solutions are 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable and are safe for pets, children, and every member of your Phoenix family. If you're looking for the greenest upholstery cleaning Phoenix. Steam N Fresh is your solution. We have them ranging from food based, to organic, just ask request them when making the appointment, or when we arrive. We don't charge extra for this.

Upholstery Cleaning Phoenix
Rug Cleaning Phoenix

Steam N Fresh - Rug Cleaning

There are many factors that go into rug cleaning and we will inform you on the best way to maintain your rugs in between professional cleanings. If you would like us to come look at one of your rugs set up a free in-home evaluation and we would be happy to be of service.

When working with wool, and other fine fibers we only use Wool Safe, 100% Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions that are safe for pets, children, and every member of the family. If you're looking for the greenest rug cleaners in Phoenix, Steam N Fresh stocks them! We have them ranging from food based, to organic, just ask request them when making the appointment, or when we arrive. We don't charge extra for this.

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Carpet Repair Phoenix

Before considering a costly replacement of your carpets, call Steam N Fresh. We can help save you thousands of dollars and make your carpet look new again. You trust Steam N Fresh as your go-to carpet, area rug, tile and upholstery cleaner, we also offer carpet repairs and stretching. If you have areas of color loss, buckles, ripples, waves in your carpet, or those stubborn stains that just won't go away, call us. In most cases a simple repair is all that's needed. no need to replace it. Read More.

Mobile Detailing Phoenix

Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning is not only the best carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaner in Phoenix, we also clean autos, boats, and RVs too! We can clean and condition your protected leather upholstery and we can give your care the attention it deserves. After sitting in Phoenix traffic all day and have the occasional coffee and soft drink spills, we can help bring your car back to that like new appearance and smell. Steam N Fresh clean your fine automobiles, boats, and RVs at your location. If your Phoenix Auto, Boat or RV is in need of a deep cleaning, Steam N Fresh is your professional solution. We will even come out to Lake Pleasant and clean your boat! Don't blame us if we bring a bathing suite though, we like to play as hard as we work! Read more.

Mattress Cleaning Phoenix

On average, we spend about one third of our life in bed. Up to 60% of the dust mites found in your home are actually living in your bed! With close to 8 hours a day spent in bed, make sure you give the care to your mattress like you do the rest of your Phoenix home. Call Steam N Fresh in Phoenix to professionally clean your mattress.

At Steam N Fresh we know the care it takes to properly clean delicate fabrics. Soils found on folds and crevices are no challenge for us and we clean with the utter most care. We treat all your belongings like they were our own and we are here to help you with all your Phoenix mattress cleaning needs. Read more.

Pet Stain Removal

We understand when an accident happens, even the most well behaved pets can have an accident here and there and they cannot always help it. Rest assured if your pet has an accident on your carpet, rug or furniture Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning can help! We can remove and neutralize the destructive acids from bodily fluids before they have a chance to damage your carpet, padding, rugs, sub-floors, or fabrics along with creating unsightly areas. Read more.

Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, offers a comprehensive pet odor removal process, a complete three-step system which pulls out the scent, stain and nasty stuff left behind by your pets. Our process can be tailored to take care of all your needs. We know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique, so we start with a thorough pre-inspection and analysis of your carpet or upholstery, we will give our honest recommendations.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners Phoenix

If you're looking for a professional commercial carpet cleaner in Phoenix, Steam N Fresh of Phoenix, provides professional steam carpet cleaning service for their commercial clients. Having a clean facility is extremely important when bringing in new clients and Steam N Fresh provides commercial carpet maintenance programs that keep your office healthier, and more productive. Read more.

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Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning is an owner operated local small business, so you're always getting a highly skilled professional, not someone showing up for a paycheck. At Steam N Fresh Carpet Cleaning we protect your corners, walls, under the furniture we clean, and non-carpeted floors from foot print and any dirt we may track in. We are here to clean your home not dirty it! We also have a simple, yet revolutionary door sealing system keeping your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

In the Phoenix area, we stand out as the Phoenix carpet cleaning experts, with the highest quality carpet cleanings and we bring our customers great value from our multiple services along with our personable service. It would be our pleasure to be your carpet cleaner in Phoenix.

  • Professionalism - Being a skill professional I act as such, and conduct myself that way in all aspects.
  • Reliability - We don't give you time windows, we give you exact times and we value your time!
  • Honesty - Steam N Fresh always operates off honesty, even if that means we don't make any money.
  • Dedication - Your project no matter the size is just as important to you as it is to us and we will do our best to get your handled in a timely manner.
  • Knowledge - I can care for your fine carpets, rugs, fabrics, furnishings, and autos. We are always up for a good challenge and it would be our pleasure to be your cleaning professional.
  • Experience - With nearly a decade in the cleaning industry, I am confident I can help solve your residential and commercial carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning needs in a timely manner.

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We are proud of our 5 Star Reviews, and we welcome you to read them and find out what makes us the best carpet cleaners in Phoenix. It is our promise to you, that we will do everything we can to give you the best cleaning and customer experience possible. We stand behind our work and we aren't afraid of an honest challenge. Call us today 480.360.4556 or send us an email at info@steamnfresh.com

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